Microworld: Arcadia

21 May
2 June

21 May – 2 June

Queen’s Arcade (Unit 17)


Microworld : Arcadia – is a ‘living’ art space which will grow, transform and evolve in response to user activity. For two weeks, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in an interactive digital ecology.

Genetic Moo will be projecting a world of interacting creatures around the gallery. These phantasmagoria are collaged together from photographs and video of the artists bodies. They will interact with the audience, with the gallery space and with each other. Over the course of the show new creatures will be introduced, modified and rearranged (including the opportunity for the audience to build their own creatures). Some creatures will struggle some will thrive. The artists are trying to create a super rich interactive environment where even they don’t know what will happen next. Tine Bech is showing three light sculptures which change in colour as you move around them. These creatures communicate with each other and generate playful colour schemes as they detect spectators. Sean Clark is showing an interactive video piece called Whale which stores video memories of what it has seen – building up waves of visual material over time. In addition there will be several artist exploring interaction through robotics including Paul Granjon, Sean Olsen and Jane Webb. The whole space will be filled with a generative sound scape composed by Julia Schauerman, which shifts in response to user activity.