31 May
5 June
© Nora Fjeldheim Lerstøl, 2012
© Nora Fjeldheim Lerstøl, 2012

Nora Fjeldheim Lerstøl, Inger Birrgitte Richenberg, Anna Solum

Cove, 36 Castle Street, Swansea

31 May – 5 June, 10am – 5.30pm Monday – Saturday

Heimer is an exhibition exploring a contemporary notion of ‘home’ from the perspective of three young lens-based artists from Norway. The word Heimer is an old Norse word meaning ‘village’ or ‘dwelling’, and is the root of the English word ‘home’.

Having studied photographic art in the UK, the artists shown in the exhibition have taken their acquired knowledge back to Norway. While each artist has their own reasons for returning to their own hometowns, childhood haunts or family dwellings, they share a conscious decision to pursue their practice in the place where they are most rooted. This lends each a degree of control, reflection and perspective from which to explore issues of cultural and social identity. As an exhibition, Heimer aims to query the notion of home in our own society through the eyes of our Northern neighbours.