Gif Gathering

23 May
23 May

Ewan Jones Morris

Porter’s, Harlech Court, Bute Terrace, Cardiff CF10 2FE

23 May / 7pm

Free booking essential


Dancing babies, political commentary, next level emoticons and cats with laser eyes – the humble GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is currently enjoying a surge in popular culture.

Helped along by increasingly accessible technology, this 26 year old image file format that was once a mainstay of DIY websites, is now the fuel for image sharing sites, and some would argue, an artistic medium in it’s own right. GIF’s are shaping a new loop aesthetic that seems to be taking over the internet.

This event is an opportunity to learn about, celebrate, view and discuss the current GIF obsession.

Organised by Skillset Media Academy Wales and Porters. Presented by Ewan Jones Morris and Nic Finch with live music to follow by Encore.