This is an online debating tool presenting four provocations for discussion and debate, a place where artists and photographers can come together and interrogate the issues raised by Diffusion: where photography is now and how it shapes our view of the world. Every Wednesday at 6:30pm throughout the festival we are also holding free offline debates at Fire Island, each dedicated to one of the Platform themes and led by prominent artists and thinkers. There will be space for discussion and reflection in an informal setting. Places, are strictly limited, please book by contacting [email protected].

  • —Platform 1 |  8 May 2013

    “Everyone is a photographer now”

    What do you think? +
  • —Platform 2 |  15 May 2013

    “The artist is not responsible to anyone”

    What do you think? +
  • —Platform 4 |  29 May 2013

    “There is nothing left to photograph”

    What do you think? +
  • —Platform 3 |  22 May 2013

    “We will evolve to be photographed”

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