@davidboultbee from BREAD art collective at #ffhbay
@davidboultbee from BREAD art collective at #ffhbay

BREAD create works that gently ask you to stop for a moment and take in your surroundings in the hope that you’ll notice something new.

We create original and engaging pieces of work – multi-sensory experiences, often integrating visual and audible elements that invite discovery and encourage audience interactivity with both the work and each other.

Our work has strong social focus. We always look for opportunity to include participation from communities that will engage with the work and see this as an integral part of our process. BREAD have developed a set of principles for community engagement.

We are ambitious, think big and produce large-scale works that are demanding to create.  We counter this with strong project principals and are proud of our reputation for delivering complex projects to time and budget.

We collaborate and seek out input from participants, fabricators and other artists. As well as broadening the skills within the project, this creates an enriching dialogue and an energy which can be directly shared with participants.

We’re inspired by spaces, the public realm and the humour of creating the unexpected and seemingly impossible. We carefully consider audience and aim to make work that is both easily accessible and rich in narrative.

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